Welcome to „EAST-Consulting

Who we are?

  • Our team consists of experienced project and product managers and developers with more than 600 years of global responsibility in the automotive sector
  • Our experience is based on a large number of successful product launches
  • Most of us were long-term employees at OEMs or Tier1s
  • Specific knowledge in system know-how is our strength

Where we are?

Our Focus


  • Automotive electronics / electrical systems
  • Vehicle technology / electromobility
  • Software and technologies, certification according to A-SPICE
  • Processes / quality assurance / standards
  • Environmental compatibility and assembly technology of electronics

Product Planning & Sales

  • Strategy Processes / Product Development
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Sales, Marketing, and Key Account Support
  • Launch and Life Cycle Management 

Our specific skills

We have been involved with OEMs and Tier1s in senior roles for many years

  • in strategic planning and realization of automotive electronics
  • in product management, incl. conception of customer-oriented market requirements
  • in sales-side product responsibility.

We are

  • very familiar with any kind of automotive systems and components
  • focused on automotive processes and quality management along the entire product development chain
  • active in the implementation of acquisition- and loyalty programs in the context of CRM.

We have

  • profound current and emerging system knowledge, i.e., we know the features of upcoming functions and applications of premium vehicle manufacturers
  • experience in the worldwide market launch of vehicle models and their support throughout the life cycle
  • expert knowledge in product sales function

We can

  • support your product specification and development with our partners. We cover technologically the development process in automotive electronics with hardware and software
  • accompany the system-side implementation of change processes, to improve and secure the winning of further contracts and its execution thereof

We have direct access to

  • responsible players in relevant organizations in the automotive industry – at car manufacturers, suppliers, chip manufacturers, software companies and tool producers
  • research and scientific institutions and standardization committees.

We manage the successful establishment and expansion of partnerships with medium-sized companies.

Our customers are

  • All German premium OEMs and OEMs in China with projects and strategy support
  • Tier1s, Tier2s and Tier3s in Germany and China with different mass production projects, support in quality and sales issues
  • Non-automotive companies in Germany with strategy support, project work and quality assurance

Our automotive network with a global footprint

We have access to managers, developers, science, and committees.

We work for OEMs and Tier1s – with diverse resources and know-how.

Team in Germany: highly experienced managers and engineers with global operational responsibility

Developers in Shanghai: 120 qualified engineers in various development projects up to A-SPICE level

Institutes and chairs of automotive engineering with long-standing contacts

Industry contacts grown via successful projects and access to committee work



For system Issues and Technologies call: +49 151 18847952

For Sales, Marketing and Key Accounting call: +49 172 8378909

To find out more about „EAST-Consulting don’t hesitate to contact us directly!

Link China    http://www.east-automotive-electronics.com/

Imprint: „EAST-Consulting is a network of independent members. Contractual relationships are concluded case by case with the individual members of the „EAST-Consulting network.